Red lipstick makes me feel sexy as fuck.

All my friends are going out tonight, but I’m stuck at home. Doesn’t matter, though. I played dress up anyway and damn do I feel good. I haven’t put make up on in so long, and it feels great! I really need to wear red lipstick more often. I can have a party of my own!

I know I’m a fitblr and all, but I’m German, and I need my alcohol. And the Russian in me wants some Vodka. And it seems I have a big bottle lying around in the kitchen. My parents don’t drink that stuff, so I might as well drink some. Good thing we have some orange juice too. I wonder if a screwdriver still tastes the same if it’s freshly pressed orange juice…

My mom keeps giving me shit because I’m not losing weight. I don’t care that I’m not losing weight. I feel damn good about my body at the moment and by telling me that I’m hopeless and lazy because I’m not losing any weight you’re taking away my self esteem and I won’t be happy anymore. 

Well, honestly, even my nutritionist is wondering why I’m not losing any weight. But I don’t mind. I finally fit into jeans that I bought at this store that I absolutely love, and I’ve never been able to before. And they’re red too! Another nutritionist told me I’m definitely looking better. She told me my ribs are sticking out, which they didn’t do before.

I just wish my mom would get off my back about losing weight. She constantly tells me I need to lose 10 kg (22 lbs), and she expects that to happen in less than a month. But then again…

I was in Germany for 3 months back in 2010. I weighed around 70 kg (154 lbs) when I first got there because I had just graduated high school and I was in the best shape I had ever been. Within those 3 months I gained 15 kg (33 lbs). I’m always seeing posts about how you don’t lose a certain amount in a certain time because you didn’t gain a certain amount in a certain time. I gained that much in 3 months. I’m surprised, actually. Which should mean that I should be able to lose that much again in 3 months. But I’m lazy, and I’m the kind of person that gets motivated by teams, not individuals or just myself. It was easy to stay in shape before I gained all that weight because I was on all the teams I could possibly join. I worked out a minimum of 3 hours a day 4 or more days a week.

Now I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere. There’s no such thing as teams in this country unless you’re a professional player or you’re still in high school. Neither am I a professional nor am I still in high school. There’s nowhere that I can actually work out because it’s a huge mistake to start running up steep slopes when you haven’t done anything in 3 years. And I don’t have any friends. Not friends that don’t live near me. I just don’t have any friends. So I’m on my own, and when I’m on my own I get lazy because no amount of motivation gets me going.

So to get back to my point, do you think it’s possible to lose 15 kg in 3 months if I gained it in 3 months?

Just unfollowed a bunch of inactive blogs… Please reblog if you’re an active fitblr !!! My dash is dead!

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